Religious Ceremony

Foreign citizens can be married in Venice ( Italy ) according to the Catholic rites. Catholic Ceremony can only be performed in a Church and can only be celebrated when both bride and groom are Catholic. If one of the parties is of a different religion, a Catholic wedding is still possible as long as you attend the required pre-marital classes and have the paper work approved by the religious authorities in Venice ( Italy ). In the case of one of the parties being divorced, the Catholic Church will not allow you to remarry in church, you must have an annulment recognized by the Catholic Authorities.

Civil Ceremony

Civil Ceremonies by law must take place in a Town Hall or a property purchased by the local government only. The readings of the civil vows are conducted in Italian and are about 15 to 20 minutes long, but you can enrich the wedding however you prefer. After the reading, the rings are exchanged and then the witnesses sign the wedding act as do the bred and groom. Please note that according to the Italian law a divorced woman or a window cannot remarry unless 300 days have passed from the date of the Decree Absolute of decease of the previous spouse. The minimum stay required is 4 days before the marriage can take place. Town Hall ceremonies are conducted Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 09.00am and noon and must be booked in advance.

Symbolic Ceremony

The symbolic ceremony is the right choice for those who prefer not worry about completing documents for a civil or religious ceremony. This type of wedding is no legally binding and spouses have the freedom to personalize the ceremony in such a way that it reflects completely their values and beliefs. The content of a symbolic or commitment ceremony will vary from couple to couple, and is always tailored to the needs of each individual couple. The ceremony can be as traditional as you wish, or relaxed and unstructured. It can be performed by a pastor, an Italian officer or a family member…and you can include personal vows, favourite songs, poetry, religious elements or pagan rituals. In addition to this symbolic ceremonies can be performed in the most spectacular settings such as a medieval courtyard, a beautiful vineyard, or a romantic Italian garden. Symbolic or Commitment wedding ceremonies are a perfect choice to celebrate your union in Italy .