The best professionals for the most important day of your life

La Nuova Corte Degli Sposi doesn't want to be just a wedding planner who arranges weddings in Venice, but also a showcase of our prestigious Partners and to help you achieve your dream. Together with you and you'll be happy to wants to organize the most important event of your life, your marriage. Our goal is to shape your dream, make your wedding as a sequence of moments of pure poetry.

Don't waste time trying to do it yourself, look for professionals

Plan a wedding requires many hours of preparation, most of them spent the evening between research by internet, by phone calling on evening or weekend time. Thanks to La Nuova Corte Degli Sposi you can can avoid exhausting research focuses on the best proposals suited to your idea of marriage, calmly and without wasting time. Our goal? Making this event for you as perfect as possible, in every detail, because it will remain in your memory.

Professionalism and creativity for a perfect wedding

Organizing a wedding is no easy task and experience plays a key role. Passion - Creativity - Professionalism - Refinement. These are the features that make La Nuova Corte Degli Sposi your wedding planner for your organization of exclusive events. Our partners and professionals of the trade, can help you in your choices of the solution, and recommend the best location you can propose, if you wish, original solutions, ideas, refined, classic or contemporary, and will recommend the most suitable for the menu or the choice of scenes that will create the right atmosphere.

La Nuova Corte degli Sposi, the Venice Wedding Planner

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